Saving Money On Climbing Gear

The best places in Coventry to buy cheap gear and other cash-saving tips.

Go Outdoors

There is a Go Outdoors store next to Canley station. It is only half an hour walk from campus or alternatively you can catch catch the free shuttle bus to the station.

Go Outdoors offers a price match guarantee where they will beat any price given by another UK based company by 10%. You price match online or in store.

They also do a 10% student discount which you get by showing your student card at the checkout.

Note that you may need to buy a Go Outdoors membership card to access these offers. If your flatmate has a discount card then you are allowed to use that.


Decathlon does own-brand climbing gear which is much cheaper, but of lower quality, than that which you can buy at Go Outdoors. It’s a good option for people who want to buy their first pieces of climbing gear and don’t want to spend too much. It’s also a good place for cheap down and other insulated jackets and cheaper climbing-specific clothing generally.

The Decathlon store is much further away from campus than the Go Outdoors store (15 minute drive/45 minute cycle).


Lockwoods is a speciality outdoor store in Leamington Spa. They offer a 20% off student discount for WUCC members during term 1, which reduces to 15% for the rest of the year. It should however be noted that gear may still cost more than other places, even with the discount. Notwithstanding, there are several advantages of buying gear from Lockwoods:

  1. It is a good option for those who live in Leamington and do not have cars.
  2. The customer service and specific gear knowledge of staff is significantly better than at Go Outdoors and Decathlon.
  3. They have a larger range of products available.
  4. WUCC organise a ‘gear social’ in Term 1 which comprises an evening club visit to the Lockwoods store followed by beers and curry. It’s a good one.

Other Warwick-Specific Cost Savings

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